We have built a strong network of relationships within the real estate industry. Relationships are key to our success.

Mark Hutchinson
DPW TRA Investments

Mark Hutchinson is President and Chief Executive Officer of Dunhill Partners West and Executive Vice President of Dunhill Partners. In 2005 he founded his company after working more than two decades leasing, selling, buying, managing and investing in commercial real estate for such prominent companies as Arroyo and Coates, Cushman and Wakefield, Julien J. Studley, Damon Raike and Dunhill Partners… READ MORE

Douglas B. Twillman
DPW TRA Investments

Doug Twillman directs and coordinates the acquisitions and capital markets functions for Dunhill Partners West and is Chief Financial Officer for Dunhill Partners. Mr. Twillman serves as a principal to locate, evaluate, capitalize, and asset-manage for the DPW commercial property portfolio… READ MORE

Trenor Askew
DPW TRA Investments

Trenor Askew is a Principal with DPW TRA Investments, LLC. He brings years of experience and capital market relationships to creatively structure and capitalize our deals. Trenor brings over 17 years of investment and development/repositioning experience…. READ MORE