Tenant Representation Process Guide

Tenant Representation Process Guide - Steps 5 and 6


  • Depending on the assignment our analytical team will produce an initial Technical and Financial Analysis Report summarizing the significant factors in regards to each alternative.
  • The analysis will evaluate topics, for example;
    Total Nominal Cost of Occupancy
    Net effective Rental Rates
    Square Footage (usable vs. rentable)
    Free Rent and Other Concessions
    Total Present Value of Occupancy
    Form of Landlord Concessions
    Discounted Cash Flow
    Available Options to Expand or Renew
  • Assess other business topics, such as legal terms, expansion/renewal options and signage that have not been finalized and formulate responses to the most appropriate alternatives.



  • Prepare negotiating strategy that addresses the number of buildings with which to pursue negotiations and the best approach to utilize in dealing with owners/developers.
  • Dedicate special attention to budget, design, scheduling, financing, management, operations and other contractual issues to examine varying degrees of leverage of each alternative and the factors that could alter existing leverage conditions.
  • Develop a summary report containing each final owner/developer proposal, which may include but not be limited to the following:
    Comprehensive financial analysis
    Highlights of technical and location data
    Recommendations with respect to the final selection (market or off-market locations) in addition
    to a final ranking of back-up choices
    Summary analysis of leverage conditions and factors